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La Revolucion 2..????
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With the families of firefighters from houston firehouses no.51 and 68 on hand, the <b><a href=>wholesale nfl jerseys</a></b> Dynamo presented Houston Fire Department Assistant Chief Thomas Muñoz a check for $21, 123 to benefit the families of the four Houston firefighters who died May 31 fighting a blaze in Southwest Houston.
Shortly after the tragedy, the dynamo and their fans rallied in support of the four fallen firefighters, holding several fundraisers and initiatives during the team's match on june 22 at bbva compass stadium.
"Obviously when tragedy happens, it's sometimes how people respond to it and how you respond to bad things happening in life,"Said dynamo goalkeeper tally hall, whose father talmon has been a firefighter for more than 35 years in suburban seattle. "I think the way houston dynamo fans responded and put a lot of effort in making this event special it means a lot to the firefighters.
"And it obviously means a lot to me being a distant relative to the firefighter family.It was an honor being part of it. "
Through the team's special ticket package promotion for the june 22 match and even a pass the boot collection outside the stadium before the match, the dynamo and their fans raised $21, 123 for the firefighters.
The dynamo also wore a special black hfd patch during the game and held a moving pregame ceremony honoring the fallen firefighters.They also made special visits to firehouses 51 and 68, which is where the fallen firefighters had been stationed.
"It's amazing,"Muñoz said. "What the dynamo have done for us and what the community has done for us is beyond words.A lot of times we do our job and don't expect anything in return.We definitely weren't expecting this.
"The dynamo have gone above and beyond what we expected.As an organization they've embraced the fire department, and they've definitely become a part of our family as well.It means a lot to us. "
The dynamo invited the firefighters from firehouses 51 and 68 to watch practice thursday at <b><a href=>wholesale nfl jerseys</a></b> houston amateur park.Before concluding the visit with an autograph session, the two groups posed for pictures on a fire engine.
"When the players can use sport to help other causes, it's doing more than just being a professional athlete,"Coach dominic kinnear said. "It's being a part of the community and using their talents to help out others.I think it just shows that the organization has the right mind and the players always do.I think the city of houston is lucky to have the hfd and also lucky to have the houston dynamo. "

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San <b><a href=>Hot Sale 2013 New NFL Jerseys For Cheap | Cheap NFL Jerseys Outlet</a></b> francisco 49ers
Patrick willis is the nfl s most instinctive, toughest and most athletic inside linebacker at the moment.You can t run past him, nor can you trick him in the passing game.He s the leader of san francisco s defense and does a great job getting his unit in position.But by no means is he the only star talent in this group.
In 2012, rush linebacker aldon smith finished with a whopping 19.5 sacks.Ahmad brooks added 6.5 from the other side.The two pass-Rushing linebackers have enabled willis to be more effective in all phases of the game since he doesn t have to worry about rushing the passer.
And his all-Pro sidekick, navorro bowman, certainly helps.
Carolina panthers <b><a href=></a></b>
Carolina definitely has the best linebacking group in the history of its franchise.Luke kuechly surprised the nfl by finishing with 164 tackles as a rookie.Kuechly played well beyond his years and appears poised to continue the path he s on.Veteran jon beason moved to outside linebacker a year ago and should be more adjusted to it this year, assuming he spends the full 16 games healthy.
Health was finally on thomas davis side in 2012, as he was able to play 15 games after multiple knee surgeries.If this unit stays together and healthy, it can rival san francisco s.
Baltimore ravens
The ravens have solid experience at inside linebacker, provided jameel mcclain(Spinal cord contusion)Is able to start the season on time.Former jaguars linebacker daryl smith joined the squad and adds experience there too.Baltimore also drafted arthur brown in the second round.
It s at outside linebacker, however, where the ravens will shine this season.Terrell suggs is finally healthy after tearing his achilles last april.The ravens were somehow able to pair suggs with elvis dumervil, a sack machine in denver.Courtney upshaw will also be in the mix, making this unit deep and dangerous.
Even without ray lewis, the ravens' linebacking unit should be among the nfl s best.

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